Being sick is costly.

A day in an intensive care unit is P30,000 pesos. Dialysis with medication is P50,000 per month. A heart surgery can cost P600,000 pesos. An organ transplant can cost more than a million pesos.

The reality is that incidence of health-related situations can be a cause of concern. 276 Pinoy die of heart disease every day.  3 out of 4 people who suffer stroke are left permanently disabled. And nine Pinoy are diagnosed with cancer every hour.

PhilHealth, the state health insurer, has defined benefit for each illness which can be inadequate in emergencies.

Only 1 of 10 Pinoy has some form of insurance for health-related emergencies, primarily from a health-maintenance organization (HMO). More than half of us have to pay medical expenses straight out of our pockets, which can drain hard-earned savings and even push some of us to take huge debts.

A health insurance cover adds another layer of protection against life’s risk.

It can give additional benefits over what you receive from PhilHealth and an HMO plan, to ensure that you get medical attention and healthcare. It covers your loss of income due to hospital confinement, and the cost of major and minor critical conditions.

It is a great help to you and your family, giving you peace of mind.

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