What's New on Jollibee's Updated Breakfast Menu for 2023

What’s New on Jollibee’s Updated Breakfast Menu for 2023?

As the year 2023 dawns upon us, Jollibee, the beloved Filipino fast-food giant, has once again set its sights on redefining the breakfast experience for its loyal customers. With a commitment to providing delicious and hearty meals that cater to diverse tastes, Jollibee’s updated breakfast menu promises to be a symphony of flavors and an embodiment of the Filipino breakfast culture.

1. Sunrise Silog Series

jollibee breakfast

The Sunrise Silog Series offers a quintessential Filipino breakfast experience with a modern twist. Customers can choose from a variety of classic “silog” options, featuring their favorite viands paired with garlic rice and a sunny-side-up egg. Notable additions to this series include the “Longganisa Supreme Silog,” a medley of Jollibee’s signature sweet and savory longganisa, and the “Tocino and Bangus Fusion Silog,” combining tender tocino and crispy bangus belly in one satisfying meal.

2. Breakfast Burgers

jollibee breakfast menu

Jollibee’s Breakfast Burgers cater to those seeking a hearty and convenient breakfast on the go. Introducing the “Breakfast Steak Burger,” boasting tender slices of beefsteak, caramelized onions, and a special creamy cheese sauce, sandwiched between soft pandesal buns. Another highlight is the “Adobo Morning Melt,” which features succulent adobo flakes, a fried egg, and melted cheese, giving a flavorful nod to the country’s beloved adobo dish.

3. International Breakfast Favorites

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Recognizing the diverse tastes of its customers, Jollibee has curated a selection of international breakfast favorites that reflect its global appeal. Notable additions include the “California Dreaming Omelette,” a fluffy omelette loaded with avocado, tomatoes, and cheese, and the “Japanese Teriyaki Rice Bowl,” featuring grilled teriyaki-glazed salmon served over steamed rice and topped with nori strips.

4. Pancakes and Waffles Delight

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Pancakes and waffles enthusiasts can rejoice as Jollibee introduces the “Choco-nut Pancake Delight,” a stack of fluffy chocolate pancakes infused with the beloved Filipino chocolate-hazelnut spread. For a more indulgent option, customers can opt for the “Peanut Butter and Banana Waffles,” generously topped with creamy peanut butter, fresh banana slices, and a drizzle of honey.

5. Local Flavors and Regional Specialties

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Jollibee has always embraced regional flavors, and its updated breakfast menu showcases this cultural diversity. From the savory “Bicol Express Scramble” featuring spicy Bicol express sauce blended with scrambled eggs to the “Ilocos Empanada with Vigan Longganisa,” a delightful fusion of the iconic Ilocano delicacies, each dish is a tribute to the Philippines’ culinary heritage.

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6. Healthy Options

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Understanding the growing importance of healthy choices, Jollibee has also expanded its range of nutritious breakfast options. The “Vegetarian Tapa Rice Bowl” caters to vegetarians with soy-based tapa strips, fresh vegetables, and a side of garlic brown rice. Additionally, Jollibee offers a selection of freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies made from locally sourced fruits to complement the breakfast meals.

7. All-Day Breakfast Selection

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Jollibee has extended its breakfast hours in response to customer demand, enabling customers to enjoy their preferred morning meals at any time of the day. Breakfast enthusiasts can now indulge in their favorite breakfast treats, whether they are wanting them in the late afternoon or the early morning.

8. Breakfast Bundles and Combos

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To add more value and convenience to their breakfast offerings, Jollibee introduces a range of Breakfast Bundles and Combos. These combos are carefully curated to cater to different appetites and preferences. The “Barkada Breakfast Platter” is perfect for sharing among friends, featuring a mix of classic Filipino breakfast favorites, including tapa, longganisa, tocino, and crispy bangus, served with garlic rice and a variety of dipping sauces.

For those on the go, the “Breakfast Sandwich Combo” offers a choice of any breakfast burger paired with a hot coffee or freshly squeezed fruit juice, and a side of hash browns. This combo is a quick and satisfying breakfast option for busy individuals.

9. Kid-Friendly Breakfast Meals

Kid-Friendly Breakfast Meals
Image Source: Jollibee

Recognizing the importance of catering to young customers, Jollibee has designed a Kid-Friendly Breakfast Menu that appeals to children’s taste buds. The “Pancake Pals” introduces fun-shaped pancakes in adorable animal characters, accompanied by a chocolate dipping sauce and fruit toppings. Additionally, the “Mini Silog Meals” feature smaller portions of popular silog dishes perfect for the little ones.

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To encourage healthy eating habits in children, Jollibee offers “Kids’ Breakfast Plates” with options like scrambled eggs, sliced fruits, and whole-grain toasts, ensuring a balanced and delicious start to their day.

11. Seasonal Breakfast Specials

Seasonal Breakfast Specials
Image Source: Jollibee

To keep the excitement alive throughout the year, Jollibee introduces Seasonal Breakfast Specials. These limited-time offerings showcase unique and innovative breakfast dishes that celebrate the flavors of each season. Whether it’s a special holiday treat or a tribute to a local festival, these seasonal specials keep customers eagerly anticipating what’s next on the menu.

12. Breakfast Desserts and Pastries

Breakfast Desserts and Pastries
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No breakfast experience would be complete without a touch of sweetness. Jollibee has expanded its dessert menu to include a variety of Breakfast Desserts and Pastries. The “Ube Cheese Pie” boasts a delightful combination of ube and cheese in a crispy crust perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth.

For a lighter option, the “Mango Sago Parfait” offers layers of fresh mangoes, creamy sago pearls, and luscious mango puree, making it a refreshing treat to end a hearty breakfast.

13. Coffee and Beverage Upgrades

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Jollibee has upgraded its coffee and beverage selection to complement the diverse breakfast offerings. The “Barako Brew” features locally sourced barako coffee beans, providing a strong and aromatic kick to jumpstart the day. For those seeking non-caffeinated options, the “Turmeric Latte” offers a soothing blend of turmeric, honey, and warm milk, providing numerous health benefits.

Enjoy Your Breakfasts With Jollibee!

Jollibee has been Filipino’s favorite fast food chain over the years and their food has been bringing comfort to millions of people. This updated breakfast menu has indeed provided a lot of variety that more people could enjoy. Are you excited to go to Jollibee to try these foods? Visit the nearest Jollibee store around your area!

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