Part V Start Investing Today

We’re now on the last post of our Investing series. I would like to say that you can go ahead and buy shares from the Philippine Stocks Exchange. But checking which stocks to buy, at what amount to purchase and how to build your portfolio are beyond the scope of this post. I recommend, instead, that you open a managed fund.

Where to find more information

Aside from PESOLAB, you can look for more information through:

  • Attending financial seminars. Most of the seminars are free, although some would ask you to buy workbooks. Majority of the stuff that you’re going to learn are already covered in PESOLAB. In addition, you get to hear and meet people working in the financial industry.
  • Doing research. Companies are putting a lot of useful information about their products on the internet. Check their updates and offers online.
  • Talk to financial advisor. It will save you time, especially when you have loads of questions in mind.

Regularly save

What really spells a difference is the habit of setting aside money regularly. That’s why some would even go so far as automatically debiting their bank and payroll accounts so they don’t have to worry about putting in contribution/premium.

This wraps up our series. I wish you the best in your journey to be financially free. If you have more questions, I’ll be happy to answer them. Send me a message, or better yet set an appointment.

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