How To Get Registered With Your Globe Sim In A Few Simple Steps

Welcome to the convenience of modern technology, where setting up your Globe SIM has never been simpler! Now that you have the power of the internet at your fingertips, you can quickly and safely register your Globe SIM online from the comfort of your own device.

The days of visiting actual stores and standing in enormous lines to register a SIM card are long gone. You can quickly activate your Globe SIM and have access to a wide range of mobile services thanks to the online registration procedure.

Be one of the millions of happy Globe users who have already adopted the speed and ease of online SIM registration. Let’s get started so you can immediately begin taking use of the complete range of Globe Telecom services. 

Accept the connectivity of tomorrow and start the process of registering your Globe SIM online right away!

Globe Telecom

Globe SIM in Philippines
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In the Philippines, a significant provider of telecommunications services is Globe Telecom, Inc., sometimes known as Globe. On January 16, 1935, Globe Wireless Limited was first established with a license to run wireless long distance messaging services in the Philippines. The corporation has one of the biggest fixed-line and broadband networks in the Philippines as well as the country’s biggest mobile network.

Through its 2G, 3G, 3.5G HSPA+, 4G LTE, and LTE-A networks, Globe provides commercial cellular services. In addition, 5G is now being implemented in strategic Philippine locations. Nearly all of the people in the National Capital Region, Davao City, and Cebu have access to its 5G connectivity, which is available in over 3,000 places around the nation.

Why Should You Register Your Globe SIM?

Globe SIM in Philippines
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The registration of your Globe SIM is an essential step with several advantages. The primary reasons for registering your Globe SIM are listed below.

  • Compliance with Government Regulations: To enhance user responsibility and traceability, the government has mandated that SIM card registration be done legally. By sharing your personal information with the government during registration, you support their efforts to prevent criminal activity and uphold national security.
  • Enhanced Security: Registering your Globe SIM gives your mobile communications an additional degree of protection. It gives you peace of mind by assisting in preventing illegal use of your number and potential SIM card-related fraud.
  • Identity Confirmation: Registering your SIM enables your mobile network operator to confirm your identity. This is especially helpful when you might need to provide identification to access particular services or deal with account-related problems.
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Keep in mind that registering your Globe SIM is an easy process that is well worth the time due to the many advantages it provides. Take just a few moments to complete the registration, whether you do it online or in-person at a Globe location, and benefit from a mobile experience that is safer, more secure, more connected.

How to Register Your Globe SIM Card (Online Registration)

Globe SIM in Philippines

To register your Globe SIM, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Click the link to go to the TM registration page. Click here.

Step 2: Wait for your one-time pin after entering your mobile phone number.

Step 3: Fill out the form completely, making sure to fill out every field. Next, snap a selfie and upload a picture of your ID.

Step 4: A message stating that your phone number was successfully validated will then show up.

Step 5: A copy of your reference number should be saved. Expect a text or call from them while they complete your registration to let you know how it’s progressing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequent queries concerning Globe SIM registration are addressed below.

  1. What is the SIM Registration Act?
  • In order to utilize their SIMs for mobile internet, calls, and texts, all SIM owners must register their SIMs under the SIM Registration Act (SRA), a new law. All SIMs, whether they are utilized in card or electronic form and are found in mobile phones, prepaid WiFi kits, and other gadgets, must be registered. Otherwise, a SIM won’t be activated, and users won’t be able to make use of it. 
  1. What details are needed in order to register your SIM?
  • Before you start the registration process, please prepare the following information:
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Full name

Date of Birth



Type of government ID presented + ID number

Valid government ID with photo (max file size: 4MB)

  • If you are registering under a company name, the Authorized Representative should prepare the following information:

Full name of the Authorized Representative

Date of Birth



Company Name

Company Address

Type of Government ID presented + ID number

Valid government ID with photo (max file size: 4MB)

Certificate of Registration / DTI Registration (max file size: 4MB)

Board Resolution / Proof of Authority designating the authorized representative OR a Special Power of Attorney (max file size: 4MB)

  1. What would happen if I don’t register my SIM before the due date?
  • The SIM will be permanently canceled if you are unable to register it by the due date. You won’t be allowed to use your text, call, data, or other mobile services after your SIM has been disabled. All load and active promotion registrations are void.

The information and data you provide are assumed to be part of our platform for Postpaid clients, and they will get in touch with you to validate and verify your registration information so that it complies with legal requirements.

  1. How will my GCash account be affected if my SIM is deactivated?
  • Your GCash accounts are not affected because of their own system. However, once disabled, your SIM is no longer functional. To access your account and get any money you have, you will need to contact them separately. They could want you to provide documentation proving you were the owner of the number before it was deactivated.
  1. How do I register more than one SIM?
  • If you have more than one SIM card, you can register them all, but you must register each SIM in your name. Simply repeat the procedure for each of your SIMs by going to the Globe online registration page.
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How to Make the SIM Online Registration Procedure Easy

  • Prepare Your Registration Requirements: To guarantee a successful registration, get ready your personal information, a photo of the owner’s government-issued ID, and a picture of the SIM Card user holding the ID.
  • Don’t join the online stampede: With everyone trying to register, the system may encounter a number of issues due to the demand. It is best to hold off until the system is running more smoothly and all problems have been fixed.


Congratulations for finishing the Globe SIM online registration procedure! You have complied with government requirements and improved the security of your mobile communication by completing this straightforward but important step. 

You may take advantage of seamless connection, calls, text messaging, and lightning-fast mobile broadband thanks to the registered SIM that guarantees unhindered access to all of Globe Telecom’s services.

Enjoy the ease that comes with contemporary technology and the security that comes from knowing that your number can be tracked! Your registered Globe SIM brings up a world of opportunities, whether it’s for emergencies, exclusive offers, or individualized customer assistance.

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