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  • Insurable Critical Factors Affect Ability Buy Insurance

    Insurance companies in the Philippines offer their products to everyone. But that does not mean all can go ahead and buy a policy. That is because of one question. Are you insurable? Insurability Insurability means that you meet certain standards that would allow you to buy an insurance product. Remember that insuring your life is about risks. […]

  • Guide Critical Illness Health Insurance In The Philippines

    Insurance is an important part of financial planning as a way to build strong financial foundation. It helps prepare for any untoward, trying events in our lives such as sickness or demise by providing financial assistance during the times that we need it. According to the Department of Health, the leading causes of death in the Philippines are diseases related […]

  • Guide To HMO Health Insurance In The Philippines

    What are the best HMO plans in the Philippines? Are you looking for the best prepaid HMO cards? This article is for all Pinoys looking for an affordable HMO plan: freelancers, self-employed, individuals, senior citizens, families, and employers (business owners of corporations and SME/small and medium enterprises). The goal of this article is to let […]

  • Basic Guide To Insurance In The Philippines

    Insurance is a way for your family and beneficiaries to receive money on your untimely death. Sadly, most of us Pinoys have grown allergic to talks about death and life insurance products in general. Culturally, we stay away from or avoid bringing up the topic of dying and death in conversations because doing so would somehow, in some […]

  • Top Term Insurance In The Philippines The Benefits Of Getting Insured For A Term

    We’ve covered life insurance in the Philippines quite extensively. We discussed the purpose of getting insured, test for insurability, adding a rider, the general types of insurance products in the market, list of insurance companies you can buy them from, and common questions. In this article, we’re going to talk about term insurance. What is term insurance In our country, term insurance is a type […]

  • Ultimate Guide On Variable Universal Life Vul

    A variable universal life (VUL) is a type of life insurance with a built-in savings. In its basic form, it is a life insurance so it pays off when the insured person dies. At the same time, a part of what you’re paying goes to some sort of income-earning financial instrument. There are many different VULs in the Philippines as […]

  • The Top Life Insurance Companies In The Philippines 2019

    Are you looking to buy an insurance plan? Whether it is a variable universal life plan, a term insurance, or one with critical illness cover, it is always worth checking the provider that’s offering products in the market. This article is going to discuss the 2019 Insurance Commission (IC) report. The report is all based from the financial statements filed by […]

  • Needs Buy Life Insurance Insurance Needs Different Stages Life

    How do you know that you need life insurance? When is the best time to get insured? What stage in your life should you buy life insurance? Whether you already have a policy or you are still thinking of getting one, these are questions that you might have when you come across life insurance products available in the Philippines. […]

  • Get Life Insurance Child Answer May Surprise

    There is an ongoing debate whether it makes sense to buy a life insurance for your kids. Many experts in the industry don’t seem to quite agree. While it is ultimately your decision, it pays to understand the two sides of the coin on this matter. On one hand, an advisor claimed that children don’t need it […]

  • Insurance Riders Make Life Insurance Policy

    A life insurance policy in the Philippines is pretty straightforward. It covers your life. Meaning, your insurer will pay your family in the event of an untimely death. But how about when you want more? What if you want to insure unexpected events such as accidents, critical or terminal illness, or hospitalization? Riders If you want to make […]