Top Philippine Mutual Funds 2019

Another year has ended, so it is time to check which of the mutual funds investment for 2019 have provided the highest return for their investors. For those who have invested and got rewarded as last year closes, congratulations!

For those who haven’t started, 2020 is the year to begin your journey towards financial freedom. You may want to check out beginner’s guide to mutual funds and the following:

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For all the tables that you see in this post, data is taken from PIFA website and updated as of January 2, 2020. And as always, what you see here are all past performances and they do not predict or guarantee future returns.

Top mutual funds 2019 in the Philippines

Of the top 10 mutual funds, six are bond funds, three are balanced funds, and one is a money market fund. And only the top three have posted double-digit returns. Philam Bond Fund, Inc. is number one with a return of 11.54%, followed by Sun Life’s Prosperity Bond Fund and Prosperity GS Fund.

By the way, ROI means return on investment.

PhilamPhilam Bond Fund, Inc. Bond11.54%
Sun LifeSun Life of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund, Inc. Bond11.20%
Sun LifeSun Life Prosperity GS Fund, Inc. Bond10.47%
SoldivoSoldivo Bond Fund, Inc. Bond8.03%
PhilequityPhilequity Peso Bond Fund, Inc. Bond7.71%
PhilamPAMI Horizon Fund, Inc. Balanced7.21%
FAMIFirst Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund, Inc. Bond6.79%
PhilamPhilam Fund, Inc. Balanced6.61%
PhilamPhilam Managed Income Fund, Inc. Money market6.35%
Sun LifeSun Life of Canada Prosperity Balanced Fund, Inc. Balanced5.81%

Top PH equity index mutual fund of 2019

The stock index is composed of the 30 largest blue chip companies, and for the year 2019 it gained 4.68%. Of the six index funds, First Metro Philippine Equity Exchange Traded Fund (FMETF) posted the highest yield of 5.61%. The FMETF is the only exchange traded fund (ETF) in the country today, and you can invest by buying its shares from the stock market.

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FAMIFirst Metro Phil. Equity Exchange Traded Fund, Inc.5.61%
PhilequityPhilequity PSE Index Fund Inc.5.34%
ALFMPhilippine Stock Index Fund Corp.5.27%
Sun LifeSun Life Prosperity Philippine Stock Index Fund, Inc.4.87%
PhilamPAMI Equity Index Fund, Inc.4.20%
FAMIFirst Metro Save and Learn Philippine Index Fund, Inc.2.56%

Top PH equities mutual fund of 2019

The actively managed equities funds that are invested in , it is Cocolife’s United Fund that is on top of the list, reporting 4.36% gains for its clients. Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund FAMI’s Consumer Fund come next with 3.71% and 3.50% gains respectively.

Also note that five funds have reported negative returns (loss).

CocolifeUnited Fund, Inc. 4.36%
Sun LifeSun Life Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund, Inc. 3.71%
FAMIFirst Metro Consumer Fund on MSCI Phils. IMI, Inc. 3.50%
PhilamPhilam Strategic Growth Fund, Inc. 3.50%
PhilamPhilequity Fund, Inc. 3.45%
PhilamPhilequity Dividend Yield Fund, Inc. 2.62%
FAMIFirst Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund,Inc. 1.09%
ClimbsClimbs Share Capital Equity Investment Fund Corp. 0.80%
ALFMALFM Growth Fund, Inc. -0.13%
SoldivoSoldivo Strategic Growth Fund, Inc. -1.13%
ATRAMATRAM Alpha Opportunity Fund, Inc. -4.08%
ATRAMATRAM Philippine Equity Opportunity Fund, Inc. -5.75%
MBGMBG Equity Investment Fund, Inc. -11.28%

Top balanced mutual fund of 2019

Among balanced funds, PAMI Horizon Fund and Philam Fund have the most gains, each with 7.21% and 6.61% returns respectively. Also on the table, you will see that there are two funds have reported net loss in the last year.

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PhilamPAMI Horizon Fund, Inc. 7.21%
PhilamPhilam Fund, Inc. 6.61%
Sun LifeSun Life of Canada Prosperity Balanced Fund, Inc. 5.81%
Sun LifeSun Life Prosperity Dynamic Fund, Inc. 5.77%
FAMIFirst Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund Inc. 3.46%
ALFMSolidaritas Fund, Inc. 2.58%
GrepalifeGrepalife Balanced Fund Corporation 1.92%
ATRAMATRAM Philippine Balanced Fund, Inc. -1.27%
ATRAMATRAM Dynamic Allocation Fund, Inc. -5.36%

Top PH bond mutual fund 2019

The bond funds reported the largest gains in mutual funds in the Philippines last year.

PhilamPhilam Bond Fund, Inc. 11.54%
Sun LifeSun Life of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund, Inc. 11.20%
Sun LifeSun Life Prosperity GS Fund, Inc. 10.47%
SoldivoSoldivo Bond Fund, Inc. 8.03%
PhilequityPhilequity Peso Bond Fund, Inc. 7.71%
FAMIFirst Metro Save and Learn Fixed Income Fund,Inc. 6.79%
CocolifeCocolife Fixed Income Fund, Inc. 4.83%
ALFMEkklesia Mutual Fund Inc. 4.44%
ALFMALFM Peso Bond Fund, Inc. 4.20%
GrepalifeGrepalife Fixed Income Fund Corp. 2.72%
ATRAMATRAM Corporate Bond Fund, Inc. 2.30%

Top mutual fund money market 2019

And lastly, here are the returns of the money market mutual funds.

PhilamPhilam Managed Income Fund, Inc. 6.35%
ALFMALFM Money Market Fund, Inc. 4.09%
Sun LifeSun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund, Inc. 3.74%

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