Income protection

Will your family be okay when you are no longer able to earn an income?

Will your family be prepared to face the future without you?

As a breadwinner, you have a lot on your shoulders. You work hard to provide for your family’s needs. But what happens you are no longer around to provide for them?

The truth is, we will all die. When we will die is uncertain. But when it does happen, your family does not need to suffer financially. Your spouse does not need to take on debts, or your children to stop going to school. A life insurance policy gives benefits to the people dear to you so that they can go on on living reasonably after your untimely demise.

In 2013, the Insurance Commission found out that only 15% of Pinoys have life insurance cover, leaving their families financially vulnerable. Sadly, some go on length to insure their property and vehicles but not their lives.

A life insurance plan takes care of your end-of-life expenses including :

  • Medical bills
  • Funeral
  • Estate tax

It also takes care of living expenses of your family:

  • Household expenses
  • Debts
  • Emergency fund
  • Education fund
  • Lifestyle expenses

That’s why some people have called it the last act of selflessness. It is a cushion against loss of income, providing your family with much-needed money when you are no longer around. It allows them to continue having the same standard of living as if you are still present.

Talk to us. We can help you financially protect the people that you love.