How to register ML10 in TNT

Talk N’ Text (TNT) is one of the most popular and most trusted cellular services of Smart Communications in the Philippines. Affordability, credibility, and fast network service are just some of the factors that made TNT very popular in the Philippines.

If you will ask a Filipino about which cellular services would be a good option to have, indeed that TNT will be one of the choices. Who wouldn’t be amazed with a fast cellular service provider that does not require you to cost a lot of money to register for such mobile data usage, right?

And speaking of mobile data usage, TNT’s most popular internet promos is the ML10. Whether you’re a new TNT user or planning to transfer to this cellular service provider, one of the things that you are searching for is the cheapest internet promos you can register for in TNT, aren’t you?

With that, continue reading this post as we will be providing you with lots of information regarding ML10 TNT promo–particularly to whom does TNT exclusively offer this internet promo, how can you register into it, and so on. 

What is ML10 in TNT?

To begin, let us first talk about what does this ML10 in TNT really offer to their clients.

ML10 TNT is basically an affordable internet promo exclusively for Mobile Legends (ML) players. 

Coming from its name, ML10, all ML players are the ones who will fully benefit from this internet promo for just PHP 10 and they can already access 1GB of mobile data using the ML application and experience a fast and smooth gaming experience for three days.

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Register to ML10 in TNT via SMS

Next, let us now discuss with you on how you can register to ML10 in TNT via SMS text or also called as the text message. 

But before you can register, you should reload your prepaid account first with PHP 10 and you will already be the one who will personally register your PHP 10 load to ML10 in TNT via SMS text. 

However, you can actually direct loading to your mobile number by asking your load retailer if they can directly register ML10 to your mobile number. This is actually a good idea to those who do not have that enough knowledge yet on how to personally register their load in TNT.

Here’s a more specific details on how you will be able to register ML10 in TNT via SMS:

  • First, type ML10 and send it via SMS text at this number: 4545
  • Another option is, you can register via TNT’s Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code menu:
    • Call *123# 
    • Choose ALLNET/Other Offers 
    • From there, tap the “FB and Games”
    • Click “ML” 
    • Lastly, choose the “10”

If you will be following all the steps provided above, you can successfully register to ML10 in TNT and enjoy a fast and smooth gaming experience!

Register to ML10 in TNT via GigaLife App

Aside from SMS, you can also actually register to ML10 in TNT via GigaLife App–a mobile app from Smart cellular service provider in the Philippines.

The GigaLife App is available to both IOS and Android devices and just register your TNT mobile number once you’ve already downloaded the app for you to be eligible to register to TNT’s internet promos, specifically the ML10. 

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Here’s a more specific details on how you will be able to register ML10 in TNT via GigaLife App:

  • Download GigaLife App (available in PlayStore and  AppStore)
  • Once downloaded, open the app and register your TNT mobile number.
  • Click and view other promotions
  • Click the “ML” tab
  • Choose “3 Days 1GB”

Remember, only TNT users can register to this internet promo in the GigaLife App and not applicable for Smart Prepaid users.


ML10 TNT is indeed a good deal for all TNT users, specifically those who really love to play the Mobile Legends Bang Bang;even students can afford registering for this internet promo. No wonder TNT is one of the most popular cellular service providers in the Philippines.

Not only can you register for an internet promo for a very affordable price, but it also guarantees that you will be experiencing a fast and smooth internet browsing in TNT. So, if you are still not a TNT user, it is still not too late to go purchase your first TNT sim card and start enjoying affordable and fast internet promos!

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