How to get tin id in the philippines 2022

How to Get a TIN ID in the Philippines?

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Living in the Philippines will not be complete without getting your valid identification card (ID), whether you are still a student, employed, or unemployed.

A Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID is one of the valid IDs in the Philippines that will serve as proof that you are registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) as a taxpayer. 

Most Filipinos do not know that TIN ID is actually important as it is a requirement in almost all government and private transactions.

For instance, you can use the TIN ID to apply for a driver’s license, permits, clearances, and other government-issued IDs, and can also be used when opening a bank account. 

If you are planning to get a TIN ID and still do not know what you need to prepare, read this article to find out. 

What is a TIN ID Card?

An ID card known as a TIN ID is one that the BIR issues and on which the holder’s TIN, full name, address, birth date, photo, and signature are all listed. 

It is in accordance with the nation’s Tax Code, which mandates that anybody obliged by law to file a tax return or other papers must be given a TIN, which must be listed in the return of documents for tax reasons.

What are the Requirements I Need to Prepare to Get a TIN ID?

What are the Requirements I Need to Prepare to Get a TIN ID
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How can I get a TIN ID? It’s not as complicated as you expect. With all the forms you need to keep care of, the process might get complicated. This ID is a need if you need a valid ID that you can quickly get within a day.

Here are the requirements you need to prepare for a TIN ID application in 2022:

  • Accomplished BIR registration form
  • One valid ID
  • PSA-issued birth certificate
  • Community Tax Certificate (cedula)
  • 1×1 picture
  • Marriage contract (for married women)
  • Passport (for non-residents who are either students or unemployed)

How to get a TIN ID for unemployed Filipinos?

How to get a TIN ID for unemployed Filipinos
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For those students and unemployed Filipinos above 18 years old, you are automatically eligible to get a TIN ID under Executive Order No. 98. This executive order makes the TIN ID an essential requirement to transact with other government offices.

Here are the TIN ID requirements for students and unemployed Filipinos:

  • Birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, Community Tax Certificate, or any other document or identification issued by an authorized government body
  • Passport (for non-resident)
  • Marriage Contract (for married women)
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Once all requirements are met, follow these steps to successfully get your TIN ID:

  • Accomplish BIR Form 1904 and bring your requirements to the Revenue District Office (RDO) of the city you’re residing in.
  • Submit the requirements to the authorized personnel.
  • Once your application is processed, wait for the issuance date of your TIN ID.

How to Get a TIN ID for Newly Employed Filipinos?

How to Get a TIN ID for Newly Employed Filipinos
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If you are newly employed, the Human resources (HR) department usually is the one tasked to process TIN ID applications. But if your employer required you to process your TIN ID application yourself, here are the steps on how to get your TIN ID:

  • Accomplish BIR Form 1902 and submit the TIN ID requirements to your HR.
  • HR will process your application for you. Just wait for your card after a few days.
  • If your employer requires you to process your TIN application yourself, head to the RDO where your company is registered and submit all requirements there. Your ID will be processed within the day.

What are the Requirements for a Lost TIN ID?

For those who lost or damaged their TIN ID, calm yourself down because you can just request a replacement card from the BIR. Just prepare the following requirements for replacing a lost or damaged TIN ID:

  • Accomplished BIR Form 1905 (Registration Information Update Form) and BIR Form 0605 (Payment Form)
  • For lost TIN ID: Notarized affidavit of loss
  • For damaged TIN ID: Old ID card and a photocopy
  • Marriage certificate and old TIN card (if applicable)

Once all requirements are met, bring them to your RDO. You can download the forms needed or get copies from the RDO. 

  • Fill out the BIR Form 1905. Don’t forget to put an X on the “Replacement of Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Card” under Part II.
  • Under “Reason/Details,” put an X on the “Lost/Damaged” box.
  • Proceed to the Certificate of Registration (COR) Update window and submit your accomplished BIR Form 1905 and other requirements.
  • Fill out the BIR Form 0605 and have it verified on the Payment window.
  • Proceed to your RDO’s agent bank to pay for your lost or damaged card. Ask for a BIR payment slip before paying the fee. The bank will have your Form 0605 machine-verified.
  • After payment, head back to the RDO and submit your machine-verified Form 0605 and the receipt to the COR Update window.
  • Wait for your new card to be issued to you.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a TIN ID 2023?

How Much Does It Cost to Get a TIN ID 2023

Getting a TIN ID card is free and never expires. However, you must pay PHP500 for registration and PHP30 for the documentation stamp tax when you register for a company TIN.

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Meanwhile, you must pay PHP100 for the replacement of a lost or damaged card.

Can I Change my Name on My TIN ID?

You can update your TIN ID whether you’re self-employed or a professional by submitting the BIR Form 1905.

The procedure is complicated and stressful since you won’t be changing your name in the traditional sense, particularly if your maiden name is also your registered company name.

Additionally, you’ll need to modify the names on all of your official invoices and receipts.

Where to Get a TIN ID Card?

Where to Get a TIN ID Card
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Each taxpayer is associated with a specific RDO, which is in charge of the local taxes. Normally, you must handle the application yourself, but you may sign a Special Power of Attorney designating a trusted agent to get a TIN card on your behalf.

What is the TIN ID Card used for?

What is the TIN ID Card used for

The SSS, PSA, and the Philippine Postal Corporation are just a few government organizations that only accept TIN cards as supplementary, legitimate IDs.

Some banks, like BPI or Metrobank, do not recognize it as stand-alone evidence of identification when opening a bank account, however other banks, including LANDBANK, do. 

Simply put, always use a government-issued legitimate ID as your primary form of identification when dealing with businesses, financial institutions, or government agencies.

Examples include a driver’s license, passport, or postal ID.

How Long Does it Take to Get a TIN ID?

If you filed and met the requirements before the cutoff of 1:00 PM, you will receive your TIN ID the same day. In addition, you can be requested to come back the next business day.

Things to Keep in Mind in Getting Your TIN ID for the First Time

It is completely common for a first-time applicant to be unfamiliar with the things to do or refrain from doing while applying for a TIN ID card. So, the following are some of the things to remember:

Fixers Selling TIN Cards Online

Fixers Selling TIN Cards Online
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Although getting your TIN ID through fixers is not impossible, it is not recommended for a number of reasons.

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You face the danger of being taken advantage of by shady business people who will grab your money and go without providing the promised service.

Your application may be turned down by the BIR if you work with fixers. Fixers and others who employ their services have come under rigorous enforcement by the nation’s main tax-collecting agency.

Submit a Special Power of Attorney

You can give someone else permission to claim your TIN ID on your behalf if you need to do so but are unable to go to the RDO where it is registered in person.

The SPA must be notarized, have your signature, and list the entire name of the individual you are granting permission. 

The authorized representative must also show a legitimate ID. The designated representative may claim the TIN ID on your behalf when the SPA has been submitted.

Use Only One TIN and TIN Card

Even if you relocate to a new location or alter your legal status, you don’t need to obtain a new TIN once you already have one.

As long as you are a taxpayer in the Philippines, your TIN will be valid. The possession of two or more TINs is illegal.

Final Thoughts

It is usually as simple as going to the BIR office and presenting a valid ID to obtain your TIN ID. However, you may register as a taxpayer to receive a tax ID number and your own TIN card if you don’t already have one. It’s like getting two things done at once.

Even citizens who are unemployed can apply for licenses, permits, and other government-issued IDs with the help of a TIN ID, which enables them to conduct lawful business.

Although it’s important to get your TIN before registering for the ID, having a TIN has the benefit of not having an expiration date. Thus, the legal penalty for requesting two TIN IDs is PHP1,000 for each registered TIN.

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