How to check your balance in Smart

Smart is one of the most popular and most trusted cellular services of Smart Communications in the Philippines. Smart has definitely set the standard of every Filipino in selecting such cellular services. 

With Smart’s proven and tested high-speed internet connectivity, and a good and affordable internet promos, Smart now serves approximately 98% of the country’s cities and municipalities with its combined 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G network. 

Not only Smart offers fast internet connectivity, but it is also committed to support the country’s growing digital economy, and provide the best customer service for an increasingly digital Filipino lifestyle. 

If you are currently a Smart user, you will definitely agree to this. But, if you are just a new Smart user who still doesn’t have enough knowledge yet about how Smart works, this post is a must read! Be sure to read this post as we will be providing a lot of information about Smart–particularly the basic steps on how you will be able to check your load balance. 

Without further ado, join us and let us figure it out together how Smart really works well and why it is one of the most trusted cellular services of Smart Communications in the Philippines. 

Ways on how to check your balance in Smart

1. Call 1515

The first option on how you can check your balance in Smart is to call 1515. This is only for free and wouldn’t charge any into your account since it is not a hotline number. In most cases, you will be getting a text message within 24 hours together with the details regarding your current load balance.  

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2. Call *123#

Aside from 1515, you have also the opt to call *123# instead. I believe that  this is the most used way that almost all Smart network users do whenever checking their load balance. As you call *123# you will be needing to choose from such options to be able to get your load balance. So, first, you need to choose the “Balance/Service” button and then click the “Check Balance” to be able to get the breakdown of your load balance. 

The good thing about calling *123# is, aside from your current load balance, you will also be able to get the status and expiration dates of your promo inclusions. 

3. Text 214

If you want to have a quicker transaction, you can directly text 214. Just by typing “BAL” and sending it to 214, you will be able to receive your current load balance after just a few minutes of sending the message. Take note that this option is completely free for all Smart network users there. 

4. Call 888

Another option is to call 888-a free hotline number for all Smart prepaid users. This is also an easy and convenient way to check your current load balance. As you call 888 expect an automated voice message that will inform you of your current load balance. 


The fact that Smart offers a variety of options for customers to check their balances is actually a very smart move. More options would allow more individuals to easily check their balance and select a preferred choice rather than relying just on a one-way step.

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However, even if you haven’t used Smart yet, it is still worthwhile to choose them as your cellular service provider. In addition, we hope you will take into account all the advice we’ve given above as you go with monitoring your Smart balance in the future.

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