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  • What Is An Asset

    Knowing your asset is crucial in financial planning. When you are trying to make sense of your net worth, it is important to know what assets to include in your records. It can be anything that you own and has cash value or it can be converted to cash. An asset is anything that you own […]

  • Tips Best Buy Phone Reasonable Price

    I have written that my old phone died on me. I am, sadly, not fond of shopping. All the time spent walking around and looking at window displays is exhausting. But I realized, I was able to save some cash by asking as many stores as I could visit and finding the right one. And […]

  • 3 Easy Steps to Determine Your Financial Goals

    What do you want to get out life? How do you see yourself years from now? Who are the people who mean most to you and what can you do to spend quality time with them? In financial planning, these are important questions that must be at the heart of everything that you do in your […]

  • Everyone Attend Financial Seminar

    When someone invites you for either a free financial seminar or a one-on-one talk about financial planning, say yes. It’s the one class that’s not offered in college. Read on to find out the seven reasons why you should attend. 1. It is free. Almost all of the seminars I have had the privilege of […]

  • 5 Reasons Still Dont Savings

    Do you find it difficult to save? Despite working so hard and for so many years, you still don’t have any savings? At the end of the month, do you ask yourself where all your money went? They say that knowing the problem is halfway to the solution. Here are the five reasons why you […]

  • Different Financial Seminars Can Attend Cebu

    In an earlier post, I strongly encouraged you to attend a free financial planning seminar. Whenever you’re invited, say yes. Attend and learn as much. Companies and groups in Cebu, Philippines can easily organize events and invite people to attend them. Using the internet and power of social media, businesses and financial institutions like insurance, stock brokerage […]

  • Part IV Building Strong Financial Foundation

    Having a strong financial foundation is perhaps the most important part of financial planning. Investing is good. It can be fun and exciting, especially when you are already doing it and you see the returns actualized. But it is also risky. And this is what financial foundation is about: how to manage the risks that investments, and life in […]

  • Best Philippine Personal Finance Website Blogs

    Aside from PESOLAB, what personal finance blogs you can follow right this minute?  These are websites that made it their mission to spread financial literacy to fellow Filipinos. They talk about topics such as how to make, save, borrow, grow and protect your hard-earned money. In fact, most of the stuff that you’d read will be […]

  • Pay Debt Invest

    A tough question to crack is how to prioritize your limited income. If you have to choose between paying your debt or maximizing your money, which one should you pick? The short answer is, no. You should pay your debts first. Limit your borrowing. But find out why people borrow money to invest. Pay your debts first if […]

  • 19 Philippine Credit Cards With Zero Annual Fee

    Who doesn’t want free stuff? Well, everyone loves anything that doesn’t come at a cost. And when it comes to credit cards, the same thing holds true. So in this article, we will talk about credit cards that are issued by banks with a very attractive catch: there is no annual or monthly membership fee. […]