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  • Using The BPI My E Prepaid Mastercard

    I was excited getting the  BPI prepaid Mastercard. I couldn’t wait to use it right away. In this post, I am going to talk about how to load funds, inquire balance, use the card to make online purchases and view transaction history. If you’ve come across this page for the first time, you may want to […]

  • The Best Savings Accounts In The Philippines

    There are many banks in the Philippines that offer savings accounts to customers. But do you know which ones are considered the best among the rest? After all, choosing a bank account to open and keep is crucial as you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to earn passive income. In this article, I am going to discuss […]

  • Philippine Time Deposit How To Get The Best Interest

    Looking for better interest rates than what your bank is giving you? Which banks in the Philippines offer the best time deposit? Time deposit has become popular nowadays. It’s a safe, low risk form of passive income that you can invest and that gives your better returns on your money than a regular savings account. What is a time deposit? A time […]

  • Best Checking Accounts In The Philippines

    Are you looking in the market for the best checking accounts? This article compares what universal banks in the country are offering in terms of low opening balance, low maintaining balance, and high interest rates. What is a checking account? Checking accounts in the Philippines are offered by banks to every Pinoy as way to […]

  • Complete List Of Philippine Valid Id Cards

    This is the list of primary identification cards or IDs, secondary ID, and proof of address that are considered valid by most institutions in the Philippines. Primary IDs Primary IDs are generally required to be presented and considered more important than secondary IDs or documents. Alien Certificate of Registration / Immigrant Certificate of Registration Baranggay […]

  • Awesome Tips In Knowing Your Financial Status

    How do you actually start to managing your money the smart way? That is the question that this article is going to answer. This is part of a series of articles on Pinoy financial planning made easy, and if you haven’t already you can actually go and read the post on in having a financial plan and then come back here. […]

  • Essential Guide To Financial Planning For Pinoys

    Financial planning is bringing your future goals to the present so you can do something about it. As important as it is towards creating a fulfilling, financially-free future, it is sad that most Pinoys do not know its importance. What is financial planning? Financial planning is all about optimizing the way that you manage your […]

  • Emergency Fund How To Save For Rainy Days

    We can’t avoid uncertainties. Life throws anything unexpected at our way as we live day to day. What happens when these unforeseen situations happen? How financially prepared are you to meet them? This is what the emergency fund is made for. It is an important in any financial plan. What you’re about to read are banking products you […]

  • The Starbucks Generation True Cost Coffee

    When I was working as a corporate trainer, I used to buy Starbucks (decaffeinated) frappuccino at least once or twice a month. Like all millenials, I viewed my tall cup of sweet, whipped-cream beverage as ‘reward’ for all the hard work that I was doing. This was way before I knew about financial planning. Budgeting was […]

  • Income Statement Easiest Way To Know Your Financial Status

    Robert Kiyosaki, popular author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and successful entrepreneur, has been strongly recommending people to be mindful of their income statement. But what is it? And how exactly can it help you? Income statement An income statement is a tool of personal financial planning. It is where you see a record of your […]