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  • Philippine Mutual Funds For Beginners How To Start Investing

    For the longest time, I’ve been thinking about writing this guide because mutual funds are a good passive income option but they’re not well understood. And when you’re lucky enough to attend free seminars that are provided by investment houses and financial institutions, you could learn so much about financial planning. In this article, I will discuss mutual funds in […]

  • Cant Decide Which Bank To Invest In UITF Heres How

    You’ve heard about unit investment trust fund or UITF in the Philippines for Pinoy, and you might’ve spent the last hour scouring the internet or this blog on how to invest in them. And you’ve probably heard that UITF is offered by banks and trust companies, but still you’re not sure where to start. Which bank or company […]

  • How To Open Stock Trading Account At Philippine Broker

    Do you want to own stocks of the Philippines’ largest companies? Would you like to subscribe to initial public offering (IPO), which are shares that are trading on the exchange for the very first time? Heard some people receiving their dividend income from blue chip companies, and you’d like to join the party? In this article, we will talk about how […]

  • Open Bank Account Philippines

    How easy it is to open an account at any bank? As you may already be aware, there are many bank accounts that you can choose from and establish. You can start a time deposit, checking account, credit card, unit investment trust fund (UITF), personal equity and retirement account (PERA), long term negotiable certificate of deposit (LTNCD), insurance (bancassurance), loans, dollar and foreign currency […]

  • Investing In Premyo Bonds 2

    This website is already late to the party, and if it hadn’t been for the Facebook UITF group there wouldn’t be a post about Premyo Bonds 2 that was on offer late last year. (We don’t know how this information has gone past our notice as we are keen to document any bond offerings from […]

  • Best Online Stock Brokers In The Philippines

    What are the best stock brokers in the Philippines? This is one of the most common questions we receive on a day-to-day basis. Beginners who are new to investing in the stock market, and even veteran traders, would want to be with a brokerage firm that can give them excellent service. If this is your first […]

  • Cost Of Stock Trading Fees Taxes In Philippines

    What are the charges when you invest in the stock market? In this article, we are going to look at the costs in buying or selling shares in publicly-listed companies on the Philippine Stocks Exchange. What are the charges, fees, and taxes involved in trading stocks in the Philippines? 1. Broker’s commission This is a specified amount […]

  • ETF Exchange Traded Fund

    What if you can have an investment that combines the advantage of mutual fund and UITF and the power of stock trading? It is now possible with exchange traded fund, a relatively new way to earn passive income. What is an exchange traded fund? An exchange traded fund is like a mutual funds (MF) or a unit investment trust fund. It is an investment company […]

  • How To Interpret PE Ratio Of Philippine Company Stocks

    In stock investing and in value investing in the Philippines, we know that the market goes up and down. When it is up, the prices of stocks rise and it’s pretty tricky to find ones that are inexpensive. When it is down, the prices of stocks goes down too and it’s pretty tricky again to find the cheapest […]

  • Earning Passive Income Through SSS PESO Fund

    Do you know that you can save through Social Security System (SSS) aside from regular membership? It’s called SSS PESO fund and it’s a safe, affordable way to earn passive income. In this article, we’re going to talk about how you can invest your money wisely and build your savings care of your SSS membership. What is SSS P.E.S.O fund? […]