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  • Benefits Investing Managed Fund 2

    Investing a managed fund is one way to earn passive income. As already discussed, there are different companies that offer them: mutual funds, unit investment trust fund (UITF), exchange traded fund, Personal Equity and Retirement Account, and variable universal life (VUL) policy by the insurance companies. And there are different categories that are differentiated by the type of assets that they own: index fund, equities fund, balanced fund, bond funds, and money market […]

  • Investing In Managed Fund Mutual Fund UITF Vul

    A managed fund, also called investment fund, is a pool of money from willing individual and institutional investors. It is for this reason that it is sometimes called pooled funds. It uses the money that it collected to buy and sell stocks, bonds, money market securities, and other investment assets on their behalf. Before I even talk further about managed funds, I think it is […]

  • Easy Passive Income To Invest For Every Pinoy

    In the Philippines, it’s really unfortunate that financial education is not built into our school system. We’ve been told to study hard, work hard, and help out the family. From when we started going to school until we started our career, that’s what we’ve always been told. They never told us there were other ways to earn. […]

  • Investment 101 Ultimate Investing Guide For Pinoy

    Studies show that millionaires do not depend on only one income. They have at least seven streams of income. How do they do that? Simple. They invest. This article is the beginner’s guide to investments that covers passive income, importance and benefits of investing, things you need to do before you put up capital, and the legitimate […]

  • Complete Stock List On Philippine Stocks Exchange

    In the Philippines, businesses can register as a corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Corporations will start as privately-held; meaning, they do not have to submit periodic reports that are to be made public. Publicly-listed companies and their stocks on PSE And an option is for companies to go public. When they are publicly-listed, their […]

  • What Is The Best Index Fund In The Philippines

    So I’ve talked about investing in index funds could be a better option when done long-term. Such claim is based on two things: expert recommendation and return over long term. Advice from experts like the highly successful stock investor Warren Buffett and the historical performance of foreign and local indices appear to provide more support to such […]

  • Philippine Mutual Fund Versus UITF Which Is Better

    A lot of people on social media and those who are beginning to invest have one question. When investing in the Philippines which is better, mutual fund or unit investment trust fund (UITF)? And it’s been asked so many times that I finally just want to answer the question. Mutual funds and UITFs are similar That’s the short answer. […]

  • Which Is Better Investing In Mutual Fund UITF Or Stocks

    If you have P10,000 right now that you’re ready to invest, where would you place it? Buy direct stocks or put it in UITF, mutual fund, PERA account, or exchange traded fund like the First Metro Philippine Equity Exchange Traded Fund? In this article, I’m going to discuss the difference between buying stocks directly from the market or joining in one of the managed investment […]

  • Part III Things Investing

    One of my many mistakes when I was starting was to disregard some of the important things about investing, such as tying it with a personal goal, knowings its and returns. In this article, I am going to write about what makes your investment meaningful, what are the uncertainties that you face and the potential earnings that you […]

  • How To Invest In Mutual Funds With Zero Sales Load

    In investing in investment funds like mutual funds, you would want the cost of investing as low as possible. This is done by selecting a fund with the least cost. The higher the mutual fund fees, the lesser your potential earnings becomes. And one of the fees that you can actually avoid is the sales load. Sales load is charged by the fund […]