AXA Philippines insurance plans

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AXA Philippines offers diverse products on insurance and asset management. These products are generally grouped into the following: term insurance (FlexiProtect), whole life policy (Assure, HealthMax), variable universal life (Academix, Axelerator, LifeBasix, MyAmbition, Retire Smart) and Global Health Access.

Term insurance: FlexiProtect

The FlexiProtect policy is the only term insurance from AXA Philippines. It’s a five-year plan whose premium can be paid either one-time (single pay) or through installments (regular pay). This plan is suitable for people who would want to buy a life insurance plan alone and without the bells and whistles—such as bonus, dividends, or investment returns—that come with the other policies.

Whole life policy

Unlike term insurance, a whole life policy is an insurance cover that extend for one’s lifespan. There are two variants that the company offers.


The Assure plan is a participating whole life policy that gives superior coverage until age 100, which is also its maturity. By participating means that it earns dividends and special investment bonus on top of the cash value that accumulates over the years. You can get a loan against your cash value or request that it’d be release to you by surrendering the plan.

When the policy matures or when the person insured dies before maturity, the sum insured is released as well as dividends and special investment bonus.


HealthMax is another whole life insurance policy with the added coverage on 56 major diseases and 18 minor illnesses. It comes in three variants according to how long you can pay the plan. You can fully pay the policy in 10 years, 20 years or up to 65 years old. The policy allows loans, and it also allows withdrawal upon reaching the age of 70 years old until 85 years old. Terms apply.

Variable universal life or VUL

AXA offers various variable universal life (VUL) policies. With VUL, a part of your premium goes to paying fees, insurance cost, and savings which is called account value. The account value is invested to any of the company’s investment funds of your choice.


The Axelerator is a VUL policy that allows you to build your savings with basic life cover. It’s suitable for people who would want to start investing and enjoy the benefits of having a minimal life insurance policy. Premium holiday can be requested after paying at least 5 years.


Academix is another version of Axelerator. The difference is that while Axelerator provides life insurance and savings, Academix is geared towards preparing for your child’s educational needs. The account value is invested in managed funds and the variable, non-guaranteed returns may be used for yearly pay-out once your child reaches a certain age, usually when they go to college.


The LifeBasix plan offers better life protection plan while giving you the opportunity to earn passive income. Like Axelerator, it allows you to invest in any of the company’s managed funds while staying covered with insurance. You may request for premium holiday at the end of 10 years.

Retire Smart

The Retire Smart is another variable universal life plan from AXA Philippines. It is most suitable for those who would want to get life insurance while preparing for retirement. There are four investment funds it is compatible with.

  • Retire Smart 2030 Fund
  • Retire Smart 2035 Fund
  • Retire Smart 2040 Fund
  • Retire Smart 2045 Fund

The funds start with more stocks. As the years go by, the stocks (aggressive) are traded and more bonds (conservative) would be added. This is done in line with your age. The older you become, the less aggressive you are in terms of investing.


MyAmbition are for people who want to invest and with minimal life cover. The initial premium is set at ₱50,000, and the insurance is set at 125% of the premium. This is ideal for people who have spare cash and are in for the long term.

Global Health Access

The Global Health Access is the only HMO (health maintenance organization) policy by AXA Philippines. By having a plan, the HMO pays for hospitalization. The Global Health Access covers ₱100 million annual benefit limit and may cover pre- and post-admission medical care.