AXA Philippines Axelerator: insurance and investment

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AXA Philippines’ Axelerator is a variable universal life (VUL) policy, which is also called investment-linked policy. It is a life insurance policy that allows you to invest in various professionally managed funds that you can use to reach your personal financial goals. In this article, you’ll find out how you can earn passive income while staying protected with a basic insurance protection.


The Axelerator is a regular-pay VUL plan from AXA Philippines. It offers the opportunity for potential growth on your savings and at the same time provides a basic life insurance. A part of the premium goes to paying the insurance as well as to your account value, which is the built-in savings component of the policy. The account value will then be allocated into any of AXA’s investment funds for potential upside for earnings.

Fast facts

Below is a quick rundown on the details of the plan.

Policy nameAxelerator
TypeVariable universal life/VUL
Minimum sum insured₱150,000.00
Minimum premium₱30,000.00
Premium paymentAnnual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly
Managed fundsAXA’s investment funds
  • Sum insured. As you can see from the table, the least sum insured that anyone can open with is ₱150,000.00. You can definitely get insured for higher amount.
  • Premium. The minimum premium set for the plan is ₱30,000.00 per year. That’s ₱2,500 a month or roughly ₱83.34 per day. You can opt to have higher premium by increasing the sum insured.
  • Premium payment. Premium can be paid for one whole year, every six months, every three months, or every month.

So when you open Axelerator, the starting cover is ₱150K and the premium is ₱83.34 per day. The account value is established too on the first day, with part of your premium invested into an investment fund of your choice.

Premium holiday

You are allowed to request for premium holiday. Premium holiday is a way to suspend paying the premium. It is an option particularly when returns and the size of the account value are enough to sustain the policy moving forward. For Axelerator or VUL in general, you can request for premium holiday after paying at least five years.


Axelerator is not only a life insurance policy. It can be more by adding riders. Riders are contracts that can be attached so that your plan can give you better cover. You can get insured on critical conditions, accidental death or dismemberment, hospitalization, waiver of premium, and term insurance rider.


You can also accelerate your savings by adding top-ups. Top-ups are a way to increase your savings faster, and it is done by contributing more than your premium. The addition you’ve made would be put into the fund.

What are the advantages of buying Axelerator?

There are many benefits when buying Axelerator such as:

  • Basic protection. Your life is insured with a minimum cover. This would allow you to be protected while at the same time making your money grow.
  • Passive income. By investing in one of AXA’s professionally managed funds, you have the opportunity to benefit from passive income. The fund manager will do the trading of securities in your behalf.
  • Premium holiday. Axelerator allows you to pay for a minimum of 5 years should your investment can cover recurring fees and charges.
  • Regular pay. Regularly paying your premium gives you the chance to not only grow your savings. It also provides a way to cushion volatility if you’re invested in aggressive assets.
  • Top-ups. If you wish to save more in less time, you can add more to your premium for at least ₱5,000.00.
  • Bonus. On your 10th and 20th anniversary, AXA Philippines may add bonus to your account value.
  • Free switching of funds. You’re not going to be charged when you switched investment funds.
  • Withdrawal. In case you need emergency fund, you may opt to make a partial or full withdrawal of your account value.

What are the disadvantages of Axelerator?

Aside from the disadvantages of VUL plans in general, the disadvantage of this plan is its basic sum insured. For most breadwinners with family and children, it might not be enough. However, you can always ask for the sum insured to be increased.

Is Axelerator right for you?

Axelerator may be suitable for people who already have an existing life policy but still wants to take advantage of investing opportunities offered by AXA with additional life cover.

It might also fit for people who are just starting out. For instance, it could be appropriate for people with very minimal insurance needs such as young people, young professionals, and those without any dependents or whose family members are doing well.

The policy can likewise be for those who want to start earning passive income through investment and get basic life insurance in the process.

Axelerator Plus

The Axelerator Plus is another version of Axelerator. It combines life insurance, investment, and critical conditions rider. Its coverage include 56 major serious illnesses and 18 minor diseases for clients who are at least 21 years old. This means that upon diagnosis of any of the eligible diseases, you or your beneficiaries may receive lump sum cash.

The basic life coverage starts at half a million pesos. This can be suitable for people who would wish to build up their savings, get life cover, and be protected for any critical illnesses.