Assure AXA Philippines Whole Life Insurance

Sometimes, a term insurance just doesn’t fit your needs. It only insures you for a specific period of time. For example, FlexiProtect from AXA Philippines can give temporary coverage for five years. However, if you want a life insurance that can cover your entire life, then you may be looking for a different kind of policy to purchase. You would need a traditional whole life insurance.

Assure from AXA Philippines

AXA Philippines offers Assure, a whole life insurance that gives you coverage for an entire lifespan. It is also a participating policy, and that means that you can earn bonuses and dividends the longer that you stay insured. That is, it isn’t just an insurance. It is also a long-term savings vehicle.

Below is a quick rundown of the features of the policy.

TypeWhole life insurance
Cover periodUntil age 100
Minimum coverage₱200,000
Payment period5 years, 10 years, 20 years
Payment methodAnnual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly
Cash valueGuaranteed
BonusSpecial investment bonus (SIB)

Whole life policy

Assure is a whole life policy. Unlike the term insurance like FlexiProtect where coverage is limited to five years at a time subject to renewal and terminates at age 75 years old, Assure covers until age 100 without any need for renewal. If the insured is alive after their centenary birthday, the plan is said to have matured and would be closed. Whatever living benefits, which are the sum of the cash value, bonuses, and dividends, are given to the policyholder.

Attaching riders

Insurance riders or supplementary contracts can be attached too. In the process, it customizes the insurance to include cover on various risks in life.

  • Secure. The Secure rider covers emergencies such as accidental death, dismemberment and major burns.
  • Protector. The Protector is a rider that increases the sum insured. It is like a term insurance but it is attached to the policy. You can add this rider if you want to get a higher sum insured at a relatively affordable rate.
  • Care. The Care is a rider that replaces lost income in case that you would be hospitalized.
  • Critical Conditions. The Critical illness rider gives expanded protection in the event that you get sick. You can receive a set amount of money if you are diagnosed with any of the eligible serious illnesses.
  • Waiver of premium. The waiver of premium allows the policy to continue even when you are no longer able to work and have stopped paying the premiums. For instance, your insurance would still be enforceable after you have been jobless because of disability.
  • Payor’s clause. If the policyholder and the person insured are different people, the payor’s clause can be added. What it does is to make sure that the policy is in still valid after the policyholder (the person paying it) dies or has become disabled.
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Cash value

The cash value is a guaranteed sum that grows over time. The longer the policy stays valid, the higher it becomes. It is part of the policy’s total living benefits. When the person insured is still alive by the age of 100 years old, the policy stops and the cash value that it has accumulated over the years is released.

What’s more, you can also open a loan against the cash value. If you ever need funds, then you can have the option to borrow up to 85% of the cash value.


Aside from cash value, the policy also earns dividends. These are not guaranteed. Their worth depends on the return of the investments by AXA Philippines. They earn interest when they remain in the policy. Just like cash value, they are part of the total living benefits and may increase over time.


On the fifth year, the policy also earns special investment bonus (SIB), which also adds to the total living benefits. Like dividends, it is not guaranteed and would depend on the outcome of the company’s various earnings and profits. It can be withdrawn when certain terms are met: when the policy has been in effect for five years and it was surrendered (provided that the insured is at least 25 years old) or when the insured died.


The premium, which is the amount that you’d pay when purchasing the plan, depends on the sum insured. The minimum sum insured is set at ₱ 200,000. The policy can be paid in 5 years or 10 years. The payment can even be stretched for 20 years. There are also many options to pay the premium. You can pay annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.

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What are the advantages of AXA Assure?

There are many benefits when purchasing AXA Philippines’ Assure policy.

  • Convenience. Compared to a term insurance, there is no need to renew the whole life insurance.
  • Peace of mind. The insurance is good for the entire lifespan of the insured.
  • Bonus. Your policy earns dividends, which would in turn earn interest. When the plan is at least five years, then it is eligible to earn special investment bonus.
  • Benefits upon surrender. If you surrender the policy, you can withdraw the cash value, dividends, and the bonus.
  • Benefits upon maturity. Upon maturity, you can get the sum insured plus the dividends and bonus.
  • Benefit upon death. If death occurs before it matures, beneficiaries would be given the sum insured plus dividends and bonus.
  • Loan. You can borrow up to 85% of the cash value when emergencies arise.

Is Assure right for you?

Just like any other insurance products, it is important to know your needs and the benefits that you are looking for. Assure is a good fit for people who seek convenience. By eliminating the need to renew, there is actually no need to keep track of the policy.

Secondly, it is likewise suitable for people who wish to pay for an insurance that would give them the longest coverage. A whole life plan gets you insured up until your old age, which is the time of your life that you need it the most.

Thirdly, it is perfect for people who would want to pay their insurance early in life. Assure gives you the chance to buy and fully pay the plan while you’re still young, healthy, and employed. Once paid, it protects you for the rest of your lifespan or you have the choice to get the total living benefits when it matures.

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How do you get started with Assure?

This article covers a few important details about Assure. However, you may still have questions about the policy. You may even wonder if this is the right plan for you. Or, you may be just curious how much it’s going to cost you. That’s why it’s recommended that you talk to a licensed advisor.

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