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We believe in financial inclusion. We believe Filipinos are going to make appropriate financial decisions if we help them know and understand their choices. However, we have a lot more work to do as a country on that regard.

Financial inclusion remains to be a challenge. Majority of our people are unbanked. They are left without any access to affordable banking and financial services.

Figures from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas revealed that about seven out of ten adult Filipinos are without any bank account. The reasons are varied, but the three primary reasons are lack of funds, lack of purpose of having an account, and lack of the necessary documents required by banking institutions.

There are opportunities that can aid in bridging the gaps in our financial system. We believe that the internet is a great equalizer, providing access to information to millions of Filipinos. Four out of ten have access to the internet, and we are top in the list of countries that spend the most hours on social media and the internet.

As part of civil society, we want to do our share in advocating for financial inclusion. Established in 2017, PESOLAB is an easy-to-understand online platform that discuss wide-ranging topics relating to personal finance, investing, insurance, money management, and more.

We believe Filipinos deserve access to free resources that can help them achieve financial freedom. So we write about companies in the financial industry, their products, and services. We discuss opening bank accounts, getting an insurance for the first time, and investing in the stock market. We got you covered too on how to start building the habit of saving, come up and accomplish financial goals big or small, and be a better version of yourself.

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